Even with a waiting list 500 deep of people wanting to move to Downtown Flint, the water problems that have plaguing city residents has gained national attention. This is one of the first times in recent years that Flint has been on the national stage for something other than crime, although it was briefly referenced.

Mitch Smith penned an article for The New York Times that was printed today (March 25th) on page A16, but you can read a digital copy by clicking here. The article recounts what's been happening here in Flint regarding the problems with the city water. While this may be something new to Americans all over the country, we've been struggling with this for far too long.

Many residents love the city and have no intention of leaving, but their frustration with the city government is mounting. Flint has been on a come back in the past several years. Do you think the water issues are a major setback in the city's rejuvenation?


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