The Flint City Council meeting held February 13, 2017, was a bit more than a “run of the mill” recitation of municipal policies and planning the next tree planting ceremony.

The announcement, which was made to the public and City Council by Flint’s interim finance director, David Sabuda, states the water credit program, put in place by the State of Michigan to assist Flint residents and businesses with their water bills, would be ending in March 2017. The program gave a 65% credit for residents and 20% credit for businesses off their monthly water usage bills. The program also curtails the state’s payment to The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) for treated water supplied to the City of Flint.

After the announcement each councilperson offered comments to Mr. Sabuda then voted unanimously to ask for, and if necessary subpoena, local and state officials to answer questions as to why the program would be ending while the city’s water system is still in disrepair, and the residents are uneasy with the water quality being provided by the City of Flint.

Mayor Karen Weaver met with Governor Snyder with the goal of having the credits extended for residents and businesses until the water is deemed 100% safe, but was unsuccessful.

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