Flint Northwestern officially disbanded their girls basketball team midway through this season, and have stated that there will be no sports next year.

Northwestern has had a storied history when it comes to basketball, but those days are long since passed.  The Northwestern Athletic Director, Michael Thompson talked about the cloudy future for the Wildcats,

They don't know what they will do, but we do know it won't be any sports at Northwestern next year.

There have been many rumors flying around concerning the future of Flint Schools, including a possible merger between Northwestern and Southwestern.

The girls team is just the latest casualty of low enrollment, and student engagement. Thompson commented about the cancelling of the girls season, saying:

I don’t blame just Northwestern, I blame downtown, they took all of the freshmen out of here. Programs are built off freshmen. I never thought I would see that, but it’s the fact that we’ve lost so many students and more athletes are leaving to go to the suburban schools and we basically were getting young ladies with (limited) skills."

Upcoming opponents have been forced to try and reschedule their girls basketball games, but with very little luck.

This is a shocking development for Flint Schools.  The thought of an entire Flint school not being able to field an athletic team seems ridiculous considering the history of Flint sports.  I just hope that an actual solution can be found in time, before another Flint school has to shut their doors for good.

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