She does this every year and, this year, she made house calls.

Karen Christian is a teacher at Potter Elementary in Flint. Every school year, she uses her own money to buy school supplies for her students. Usually, she distributes them on the first day of school but, with the pandemic and most schools starting online, she decided to deliver them to her students' homes herself.

According to ABC 12, Karen checked in with each of her 24 students' parents the day before to confirm addresses and let them know that she'd be dropping by. The students all received a bag of supplies and they got to pick out a book.

She also bought all of her students' mechanical pencils so that they don't have to stress about finding a pencil sharpener.

Christian told Ann Pierett from ABC 12 that she hasn't seen most of her students face-to-face since March when the pandemic hit and kids were ordered to stay home by the state of Michigan, so it was nice to check in on them and make sure that they're okay.

Remember back in the spring, when everybody said, "teachers don't get paid enough for what they do!" And now they're all like, "teachers get paid enough to risk their lives for these kids!" Remember - there are more teachers like Karen Christian out there than the "lazy" teachers who only got into teaching for the summer break.

What an amazing person. It's comforting to know that these kids are ready for the school year because of their wonderful teacher.

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