According to My Fox Detroit, Detroit's Mayor Dave Bing, blames recent layoffs to the police force for the recent murders. Is this a fair accusation? Do you think Flint would be any better off if we had a full police force?

In a recent My Fox Detroit report titled "Flint 'Vehicle City' Now America's Murder City," they stated:

"So far, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing is not proposing cuts to the police department, but if he is thinking about cutting cops, he should take a look at Flint.

They cut the police force there by 25-percent, last year. Since then, the murder rate has spun out of control."

Is this fair to the City of Flint? Now I understand that this years murder count is already at 21 murders for 2011, but is that the police departments fault. I feel even with a fully staffed police force, they can't be everywhere. Are they putting the blame on the wrong people. Check out the full report below.