Flint policed detained a total of 15 minors under the city's special event curfew during the Back to the Bricks events.

According to MLive, on the first night of the rolling cruise on Wednesday, August 13 there were five minors detained. Original reports said there were eight minors detained on Thursday, August 14 but that number has since been revised to five. On Friday, August 15 police also detained another five minors.

Under the special events curfew, anyone 17 and under could be detained by Flint police if they were without a parent or adult guardian between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Parents could also be fined up to $250 plus the cost to the police for detaining the child.

The special events curfew was fist enacted during the fireworks show on July 3rd but no curfew-related arrests were made.


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