Michigan officials have started a website to warn people about new threats to their water supply, and Flint is on the list.

Water contamination in Flint is definitely not a new story, but this time around we aren't talking about lead in the water. The latest problem is spread throughout the state and is know as PFAS (polyfluorinated substances).

The chemicals are mainly used in firefighting foam used at airports and military bases. They are also used in food packaging and other consumer products though.

PFAS didn't become a commonly used word until a major contamination was discovered on the west side of the state a couple of years ago. Since then, the MDEQ has found out the problem is much more widespread than they originally thought.

The state has decided to start a website that features the PFAS problem areas, and other useful information dealing with the contamination. Flint is listed on the site. The areas given are the Coldwater Landfill and Gilkey Creek. Since the creek feeds into the Flint River, there is a fish consumption advisory for the Flint River right now.

The MDEQ plans to display the results of a $1.7 Million survey to find out how widespread the PFAS problem really is in Michigan.

Check out the map of known PFAS problem areas below, or check out the larger version here.



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