Ummmmm...I can't type the things that I really want to say here; I'd get fired. *ba dum ching*

I'd buy one of these whether they're selling them for a good cause or just for petty cash.

The Flint Fire Department is bringing back a tradition after a seven-year hiatus: a saucy calendar that will raise money for scholarships for seniors in high school.

This was an ongoing tradition for the FFD starting back in the 70s, but the firefighters say that, because of a new mayor and a new fire chief, they have the renewed support to bring it back.

They're also having a meet-and-greet on Monday. Ladies, keep the drool to a minimum...


The department will give away two $500 scholarships to local high schoolers. If you're interested in applying, you have until the end of May to do so (but earlier is better, trust me). You can email, and they'll send you an application.

Now, if you're like me and you're not a student but you REALLY want a calendar, you can get one for $10 at Fire Station No. 1, 310 East Fifth Street. Or, you can request one from EMS Coordinator Carrie Edwards by calling (810) 893-1167.

BRB, going to get one.

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