Snowfall has been heavier than normal across the state of Michigan already this year and that includes Flint, Gaylord, and Sault Ste. Marie. The farther north you go, the deeper the snow.

It doesn't feel like we've had all that much snow in Flint so far but we've actually had 4.9" which is a little bit more than the average snowfall for this time of year. On average, we normally see around 3.6" of snow this time of year.

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Other cities that are above average:

  • Gaylord 38.6" (average - 16.5")
  • Sault Ste. Marie 19.4 (average 17.7")
  • Kalamazoo 10.2" (average - 6.2")
  • Grand Rapids 9.7" (average - 7.4")
  • Ann Arbor 7.7" (average 4.2")
  • Detroit 6.6" (average 1.9")
  • Lansing 5.4" (average 4.1)
  • Flint 4.9" (average 3.6")

One city that stood out the most to me is Marquette. On average, they normally get around 29" but so far this year, they're sitting with only 20.8" of snow. That would be an apocalyptic amount for us down here in Genesee County.

Most of the snow in the lower part of the state is already starting to melt and will continue to do so, especially on Thursday as temps will get up to almost 50 degrees.

Don't get too excited though as we've got a long way to go before spring. I'm also hearing that we've got more snow in the forecast coming our way multiple times in the next 10 days or so. We don't know how much accumulation that we'll see but we do know more snow is on its way to Michigan.

Source: MLive

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