You've gotten those calls. The cellphone rings once or twice and then stops. Do you return the call because it might be something important? After all, the call is from your home area code. Experts say that might not be a good idea.

Scammers are targeting area codes all over the country and the 810 is no safe haven. Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau says her office has been warning consumers about these types of calls since 2014.

"Our suspicion is that they're just hitting area codes randomly. So they will just flood. Last Wednesday or Thursday it was Syracuse, New York," Crawford tells News Channel 3. "At this point, I don't think there's really anything that can stop the calls. The main thing for consumers to do is to not call them back."

Crawford notes that there are free and paid apps that can block unwanted calls. She cautions consumers to check their monthly phone bills for any charges that may be suspicious.

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