Back in November, General Motors delivered life altering news to thousands of workers on its factory floors.

It said it would indefinitely idle four factories in the United States and one in Canada by the end of 2019.  At risk were some 2800 active hourly jobs in the United States.

GM said it is working hard to get the nearly 1,500 workers who will remain laid off back on the payroll.

By the end of April, GM had transferred about 1,305 of the nearly 2,800 affected to jobs at its other U.S. plants.

GM, which has been blasted by politicians and the UAW, has been insistent that it's trying to soften the blow for workers.

CEO Mary Barra said GM has a job for everyone affected by the closures.  But the jobs are at other plants, in some cases, across the country.  The Detroit Free Press has more.

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