The newest addition to our community is at Rust Park.

Devin Stockman is an Eagle Scout; his dad is the scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop #106 at Kirkridge Presbyterian Church in Grand Blanc. If his name looks familiar, it's because his troop has done wonderful things in the community before - his brother, Alex, is also an Eagle Scout and was in the news in 2017 for helping to fix up the shrine at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church as his project.

And now, Devin is in the news for contributing little libraries to local parks.

Little libraries are home-constructed boxes that house peoples' unwanted books. If you take one, you're supposed to replace it with one of yours. It's a public book swap, basically.

This was posted in the NextDoor app yesterday:

Tom Toohey via NextDoor
"Rust Park just got that much cooler recently."

The first response was from Wendy Jean-Buhrer:

Yes! Made by a local Eagle Scout, Devin Stockman! He also made one and installed it at Physicians Park. Rust Park is already home to the Lt. William Rust Memorial. A larger Veterans’s Memorial is planned in Rust Park. The overgrown area around the Rust Memorial was graciously cleaned up and plantings have been installed by Trish Payne of the Touch the Earth Garden Club!

Looks like there are quite a few people who work on keeping Rust Park beautiful! We love these little libraries. It's so exciting to see them pop up all over the community. Big thanks to Devin and the rest of his family for using their scout projects to help Grand Blanc!

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