Genesee County Board of Commissioner Chairman Jaime Curtis has released a statement asking why, despite a spokesman for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) admitting they have overcharged ratepayers in the past, they have not made attempts to calculate the erroneous charges and repay Genesee County residents.

Bill Johnson, a media consultant for the DWSD, has in the past accused the department of "unjustified rate increases," leading to "overpayment by suburban customers."

According to the news release, Johnson made the assertions prior to coming aboard as spokesman and has solidified these accusations by making statements that the DWSD has changed its history of corruption over the past 18 months with the installation of Sue McCormick as Director.

Curtis said "whether they have changed their ways or not is irrelevant. If they realy want to prove they no longer represent the corruption of the Kilpatrick era, they need to work with our taxpayers to own up to past mistakes."

Chairman Curtis went on to state "if even one water customer in Genesee County was overcharged, that is unacceptable. With this admission from Mr. Johnson back in 2010, why 18 months has passed and we have not heard one word from the new DWSD leadership regarding an investigation of potential past rate errors that cost our hardworking citizens money."

Curtis added he was submitting this matter to corporate counsel to see if Genesee County has any legal recourse to examine if residents were overcharged.