The City of Flint is applauding the Genesee County Board of Commissioners decision to proceed with the consolidation of the 67th and 68th District Courts into one, unified court. In a news release form the city on Thursday, it was stated that Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley plans to approve the consolidation and an implementation plan by resolution in early 2015.

The implementation plan will be jointly developed by the city and the county. The effective date for implementation is expected to be January 2, 2016. Both the city and the county plan to work together closely over the next year to ensure as smooth and seamless a transition as possible.

"A consolidation of the 67th and 68th District Courts is a positive step towards sharing services and containing the costs of those service," said Earley. "As we look at providing court services, the consolidation of these two courts into a combined court for the entire county makes the most sense and reflects best financial practices and best use of personnel and resources."

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