Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley announced plans on Friday for filling two vacancies on the Flint City Council.

In a news release from the city, six finalists have been named for the two open seats on council. Councilmen Bryant Nolden and Sheldon Neeley were both elected to other offices last month and Earley asked for voter-registered residents of the 3rd and 6th Wards interested in serving to submit their applications. Earley and his team then reviewed the applications and narrowed it down to the six finalists, three from each ward. The names have since been submitted to the City Council for selection. The Council is expected to interview the candidates at a special meeting on Monday, January 5th. Earley expects council to conclude their deliberations and make their selections by the end of the meeting.

In a statement, Earley said "this process satisfies my oversight responsibility as the state appointed emergency manager under PA 436, while at the same time allowing the City Council to select its own replacements. They have six very strong candidates from which to select."

3rd Ward Council Seat Candidates are:

  • Kerry L. Nelson
  • Linda K. Booze
  • Quince Murphy

6th Ward Council Candidates are:

  • Theron S. Wiggins
  • Audrey Makokha
  • Herbert J. Winfrey

The candidates chosen will serve until November 2015 when they will need to seek election in order to serve the remainder of the vacant terms.

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