This was another big story from earlier this year.

Archeologists and historians are extremely excited over a recent find at Colonial Michilimackinac. Archaeologists uncovered a set of joined sleeve buttons or what we today would consider cufflinks.

The find was quite extraordinary because these cufflinks date back to 1781. Yes, their recent discovery is 241 years old.

When you first take a look at the green cufflinks, they don't look like much. The average person would probably brush it off as nothing more than garbage. However, to archeologists and historians, it truly is a magnificent piece of history.

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Dr. Lynn Evans, Mackinac State Historic Parks Curator of Archaeology:

We are still finding interesting artifacts. This set of joined sleeve buttons, like a modern cufflink, was found in the 1781 demolition rubble layer. The green glass paste “stones” are set in brass.

The recent cufflink discovery took place at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City where archaeologists have been digging for decades, literally. They have been working at that site since 1959, making it one of the longest-running archaeology programs in North America.

This wasn't the only discovery this year. According to a recent press release from Mackinac State Historic Park, earlier this season archaeologists uncovered a part of a red earthenware bowl, a one-ounce brass weight marked with a crown over GR, for the king, a second brass weight from a set of nesting apothecary weights, stamped with a fleur-de-lis, a King’s 8th button, and more.

You'll find a photo of the recent find here.

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