The popular second-hand store has locations in Fenton and Flint Township.

I know that a lot of us aren't ready for fall (me, admittedly), but that doesn't stop the seasonal train from making its way down the tracks. The temps are dropping, whether we like it or not.

We're huge champions of the Whaley Children's Center here at Cars 108 - we do Roof Sit every summer at the McDonald's in Grand Blanc. We live (yes, in tents) on the roof of the McDonald's for three days to raise money for Whaley. They house 42 kids who have been taken from their homes because of abuse or dangerous situations until they can be placed in a more permanent home.

Something we always say during Roof Sit is this: can you imagine having to go clothes shopping for 42 kids? All of those kids are still growing, just like our own kids, so they need new clothes multiple times per year. Some of these kids come to Whaley with nothing more than the clothes on their back and maybe a trash bag full of their belongings.

One of the items that Whaley is always requesting when the temperature drops are winter coats, and that's where Community Threads has jumped in. Yesterday, Rick and his staff donated $1,000 worth of BRAND-NEW coats to the kids at Whaley Children's Center.

And, just going to show how much these kids will appreciate NEW and not secondhad clothing, Facebook user Jessica Allen commented the following on their photo:

Thank you so much! I was a foster care worker for many years & had several children placed there. Those children will be thrilled to have brand new coats!

Community Threads has locations in Fenton and inside Genesee Valley Center. Go shop there, they do great things for our community!

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