Streets ahead?  Streets behind?  Just plain streets?  Any loyal 'Community' fan knows that for as long as the series has aired on NBC, series star Chevy Chase has had a public distaste for its brand of humor, his character Pierce Hawthorne, and particularly former show-runner Dan Harmon.  Chase himself has hinted multiple times that he might leave the series, and has now officially confirmed his exit.  But with so much of the thirteen-episode season 4 shot, will we really miss him?

It's official, Chevy Chase is out of the study group.  Deadline has confirmed that the legendary comic and former 'SNL' star has departed NBC's troubled, but critically-adored 'Community,' before NBC has even aired its truncated fourth (possibly final) season.  However, given that the series has already shot the majority of 'Community's thirteen-episode fourth season, the departure of Chase's character Pierce Hawthorne won't be observed until some time in the final episodes.  A shift in production order dictated that the finale be shot earlier, meaning Chase will appear in the season's final episode, while absent from those preceding it.

News of the departure is hardly a surprise to fans, considering the multiple occasions Chase had publicly denigrated the show, calling a sitcom "the lowest form of television."  It remains unknown how Chase got on with show-runners Moses Port and David Guarascio, brought in to replace creator Dan Harmon, but the controversies continued on as last month Chase issued a public apology to the cast and crew for utilizing the "N-word" in an angry tirade about his character's offensiveness.

While a fifth season, or even back-nine pickup of 'Community' season 4 isn't considered especially likely, the series would indeed move on without Chase.  For the moment' Community' season 4 is still set to premiere on February 7, taking over '30 Rock's time-slot.

What say you?  Will you miss Chevy Chase, or is 'Community' better off without Pierce?  Give us your reaction in the comments!

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