With the steady stream of leaks, it’s become harder and harder to believe that all of the details that have come out about the originally intended version of Star Wars: Episode IX — which was to be directed and co-written by Colin Trevorrow — were false. These leaks include a detailed rundown of a script titled Star Wars: Duel of the Fates and concept art that connects back to a lot of the details described in that plot. Theoretically, it could all be fake, but man it would require a lot of work to create such a detailed and convincing hoax.

The only thing that we’ve really been waiting for is some kind of official, on the record confirmation from someone involved in this production. Lucasfilm never comments on this sort of stuff, so they’ve been quiet, but Trevorrow himself is pretty active on Twitter and tends to set the record straight on this stuff one way or the other. (He previously shot down another elaborate description of his Episode IX that was published online that he said bore zero resemblance to his work.) Now he’s done exactly that.

In a recent tweet, Trevorrow confirmed not only some of the concept art floating out online, but the Duel of the Fates subtitle as well. (He also explained that the rumor that he’d kill R2-D2 is not true, although he would have been badly damaged):

And since this concept art refers back to events in the script, that pretty much confirms all of it. (Cue Harrison Ford saying “It’s true, all of it” while tears well up in our eyes.)

The reaction to Trevorrow’s unmade script and concepts has been very positive online — more positive, in a lot of places, than the reaction to the actual Episode IXThe Rise of Skywalker. A lot of fans now say they wish they’d gotten Trevorrow’s movie instead of J.J. Abrams’, which is not a scenario that many would have predicted about 18 months ago. No wonder, then, that Trevorrow wants to make sure people know some of this stuff is legit. If people like it, the guy who made it (i.e. him) should get credit for it.

And if you don’t like the Duel of the Fates subtitle, look at it this way: Trevorrow also revealed on Twitter that his son was campaigning hard for another subtitle:

Okay, Colin Trevorrow’s son is a genius. Star Wars: The Star Wars is a great title. Is it too late to change Episode IX to that?

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