Claressa Shields continues to make Flint proud, as she was just named the '2016 Boxing Person of the Year' by Yahoo Sports.

Yahoo paints a dismal picture for the future of boxing in the article, but said that Shields could be a saving grace.

An unassuming young woman from Flint, MI. helped to keep the flame flickering, as well as provide hope for boxing's future.

Claressa has become a shining light for not only boxing, but for all of us living here in Flint.  She has been an advocate for women's rights, and the safety of the people living in Flint.

Her accomplishments are well documented, becoming the first woman to win back to back gold medals in boxing.  She also made her professional debut this year, with a convincing win.

Claressa is a great example of what can come from hard work, determination, and loyalty to the people that helped you along the way.  She truly deserves every accolade she has gotten so far, and will undoubtedly earn many more in the future.


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