Cedar Point has some big changes in store for visitors when the gates open on May 6th, for the 2017 season.

The updates will touch almost every part of the park, and bring some major expansions as well.  Cedar Point welcomed more than 800 people into the park last Friday to see the new features first hand.  This was part of the 'Winter Chillout' fundraiser, that helped to raise 40k for 'A Kid Again'.

Cedar point always tries to bring some new flavor every year, but the list of updates for 2017 is pretty hefty.  Check out some of the bigger changes below.

Cedar Point Shores

Cedar Point
Cedar Point

The water park formerly known as Soak City underwent a major expansion, along with adopting the new name of Cedar Point Shores. The new park will feature four new slides, including the Point Plummet. There will also be new food and merchandise locations in the water park. along with updated cabana spaces.  Cedar Point Shores will be open starting on Saturday May 27th.

Hotel Breakers & Cedar Point Express Hotel

Cedar Point
Cedar Point

Two Cedar Point hotels are getting some big upgrades for the 2017 season.  Cedar Point Express will now have a courtyard pool, and other new features.  Breakers will also receive an addition, pictured above.

Iron Dragon VR

The Iron Dragon Virtual Reality experience will be coming back to Cedar Point this year.  Guests can wear special VR headgear, and enhance the thrill on the ride.  The VR will be available from June 9th to September 4th, between 6pm and closing.

Prof Delberts Frontier Fling

On the Frontier Trail, a towering and terrifying favorite makes a fresh debut in 2017. Formerly Challenge Park’s RipCord, Frontier Fling is a historical nod to the Paddlewheel Excursions boat ride, where animated character Delbert Feinstein made several “attempts” to fly over the passing paddle wheel boats on his crudely-assembled flying machine. Frontier Fling is an additional charge attraction.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cedar Point’s award-winning live entertainment continues its legacy with the debut of “Lights, Camera, Action!” in the Jack Aldrich Theater. This show will immerse guests in famous movie music from black-and-white features to today’s cinematic greats.

Peanuts Perfect Day

On the big stage in Celebration Plaza, everyone’s favorite Peanuts friends come together in this larger-than-life celebration. Perfect for families, guests can sing along to popular music and meet the characters after the show.

Season Pass Drink Plan

Cedar Point is debuting an all-new Season Pass Drink Plan for all Season Pass holders. Guests with a 2017 Season or Platinum Pass will have the option of choosing a refillable drink bottle or a disposable cup for unlimited fountain drinks all summer. The Season Pass Drink Plan will go on sale March 1 and can be used at all in-park, walk-up fountain drink locations, including Cedar Point Shores Water Park. Guests without a 2017 Season or Platinum Pass can still purchase the refillable drink bottle.

There are quite a few other surprises lined up at Cedar Point this year as well.  You can read more about the changes here, along with booking a visit to the park.

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