Remember the two masked men walking into the Dearborn police station armed with semi-automatic weapons? Well now they face a bunch of charges including disturbing the peace, carrying a concealed weapon, and resisting a police officer.

Things aren't looking too good for the idiots (and yes, I know idiots isn't the nicest word to call someone, but considering who we're talking about I think its appropriate) who decided to complain about getting pulled over by walking into a police station loaded with an assault rifle.

24-year-old James Baker and 40-year-old Brandon Vreeland will face a number of charges for the stunt, and are due to be back in court on March 10th.

Bond was set at $20,000 for Vreeland and $50,000 for Baker. Both men were ordered to turn over all of their weapons if they decide to post bond and must wear a GPS tether. Another stipulation in the bond is that they are not allowed to have contact with each other.


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