Hate working out, but want to lose weight? You're human, so the answer is most definitely "yes."

A potentially revolutionary new type of pants called Sweetflex can help you shed more calories simply by walking in them.

Bands in the pants naturally go in one direction, forcing your muscles to work harder to move them in the other direction. And that means you can burn 30-40 extra calories every 30 minutes, according to a study done by Yale University. And that means your gut can shrink more than it would if you were wearing those pants that have become two sizes too small and forced you to forget you actually even own a belt.

Sweetflex is available for men and women and begin at $98, which, at the very least, will cause your bank account to shed some excess weight.

What do you think? Does this sound legitimate? Would you try the pants? Or is this just another gimmick to swindle people out of money by preying on their desire to be thin?

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