A little movie called Captain America: Civl War came out this weekend and made the exact kind of money you’d expect it to make. The 13th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe didn’t have the biggest opening in the series’ history, but it was close enough. It’s easily the biggest opening for a Captain America solo movie (albeit ballooned by a co-starring role for Iron Man) and it managed to open bigger than its chief rival this year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That’s certainly a win.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Captain America: Civil War$181,791,000$43,017$181,791,000
2The Jungle Book$21,873,000 (-50.0)$5,278$284,985,000
3Mother's Day$9,006,000 (+7.6)$2,867$20,725,000
4The Huntsman: Winter’s War$3,580,000 (-62.8)$1,234$40,363,000
5Keanu$3,080,000 (-67.4)
6Barbershop: The Next Cut$2,700,000 (-55.6)$1,557$48,768,000
7Zootopia$2,677,000 (-49.8)$1,289$327,624,000
8The Boss$1,750,000 (-59.2)$905$59,102,000
9Ratchet & Clank$1,462,000 (-70.0)$505$7,095,000
10Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice$1,045,000 (-73.0)$656$327,250,000


Captain America: Civil War opened with $181 million, the third biggest opening of all the films in the MCU. Only The Avengers, with $207 million, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, with $191 million, made more in their first three days of release. Civil War is also the fifth MCU movie to open north of $100 million, joining Iron Man 3 ($174 million) and Iron Man 2 ($128 million) in this particular club. Considering that the average MCU movie opens between $60 million and $90 million, this is one helluva start. The real question now concerns the film’s legs in the coming weeks. The negative response to Batman v Superman nearly canceled out a massive opening, but the response to Civil War has been warmer from critics and audiences alike. Considering the buzz and the ensemble nature of the film, it should easily outgross the past two Captain America movies and head toward Avengers territory (those films grossed $623 million and $459 million each).

In any case, Civil War has already made nearly $700 million worldwide, and $1 billion from the international market is a sure thing. It’s very likely that Civil War will break $400 million, but it’s already an enormous hit no matter what the domestic box office looks like. Plus, Disney is now responsible for five of the top six box office openings of all time. They’re having a good weekend.

While the mere presence of Civil War caused the majority of the top 10 to shrivel (the bottom seven movies might as well have not been playing to anyone this weekend), Disney continued to find additional success with The Jungle Book, which grossed $20 million in its fourth weekend for a current total of $284 million. It’ll break $300 million next weekend and most likely settle somewhere in the vicinity of $350 million before calling it a day. Internationally, it’s also going to come close to that coveted $1 billion mark, but it’s not a sure thing quite yet.

In an interesting little twist, Mother’s Day managed to stage a minor comeback this weekend, taking advantage of the actual holiday for which it is named to actually rise by 7.6% percent and gross $9 million for a $20 million total. That’s not enough to make it a hit, but it is enough to prevent it from looking like a complete flop.

The rest of the top 10 is, as expected in the wake of a new Marvel movie, fairly uninteresting. Keanu is a disappointment, The Boss will hit $60 million and call it a day, Ratchet & Clank is still a huge bomb, and Zootopia, with $327 million, is going to edge out Batman v Superman when it comes to both domestic and international grosses. 2016 is all about Disney cleaning up.

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