'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' isn't the only Michigan-made blockbuster to hit the big screen -- check out this list that includes 11 of the highest-grossing films to be shot in Michigan.

There was a pretty modest amount of big-time moviemaking that went on in Michigan prior to the enactment of the Michigan Film Tax Incentive in 2008. That made for an exciting couple of years in the Mitten, but just as our local film industry really began making some moves -- the plug got pulled on the whole thing.

While it may be a long while before another 'Batman V. Superman' sized-movie gets made in our state -- we do have a decent little resume to show after only a few years of really being in the game. Check out some of the biggest films made in Michigan in the gallery below.

Editor's Note: There were a handful of other movies that filmed a scene or two in Michigan that made bank, but we tried to only include films that we could confirm spent a decent amount of time here, not just a day or two. It's not an exact science, and many well-known sites have conflicting and incorrect information on these matters. Don't shoot the messenger.

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