This mom has certainly raised a heck of a son.

Trey Potter, a student at Gahanna-Lincoln High School, in Gahanna, Ohio, has asked his mother to his prom because she never got to take part in the teenage ritual.

She never had that experience and she’s risked so much for throughout my life and made so many sacrifices I thought it would be the right thing to do."

Trey's mother, MelRo, has certainly endured more than her share of hardships. She lived in nearly two dozen foster homes and became pregnant after she was raped when she was 13. MelRo, who had Trey when she was 16, was also homeless and abused in some of the foster homes that took her in.

Despite that, she powered through and became a model. She may be prouder of the fact her son is turning out to be a fine young man, even though so many people told her she couldn't do it.

“Seeing who he has become and knowing the sacrifices that have been made and how much I love him and seeing that come to fruition, I’ve proved him wrong,” Potter said.

"I think it shows her how much I appreciate her cause i really do after all she’s been through and all I’ve been through with her,” Trey said.

Trey is not the first son to go to such charming lengths to give his mother the prom she never had, either.

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