The emergency manager appointed Blue Ribbon Commitee on Governance held the first of their three public workshops on Saturday morning, and after complaints about the committee meeting in private, turnout was low said residents in attendance.

The committee announced the series of workshops to hear residents input on how the city operates, including the possibility of changes to how its governed. Currently the mayor is elected through a popular vote with nine city council members elected by ward. According to MLive, the committee presented two options for changing Flint's governance: A mayor chosen from city council members who would be involved with policy but not management. This option would have a city manager who would be responsible for management of the city. The second option was one the committee called a hybrid in which the mayor would remain elected by popular vote, be involved with policy, but not be involved in management.This option would also have a city manager.

The committee plans on taking ideas and information gained from these workshops to Flint Emergency Manager Darnell Earley who will decide on moving forward with them and if so, how to implement them.

Two other public meetings are scheduled. Dates and times can be found by clicking here.