For the 2012-13 school year, the Genesee Intermediate Schools District (GISD) Collaborative Schools of Choice Program will continue in 12 local public school districts in Genesee County. Parents can request to send their child(ren) to a school outside their district of residence through this program that is designed to provide academic options to enhance learning for students in grades K-12.

The Collaborative Schools of Choice Program was developed 15 years ago by the Genesee County Superintendents Association. Last year, over 1,000 students were placed through the countywide choice plan for 2011-12. This year, superintendents continue the program to allow greater movement of students. Districts have determined which buildings, programs and grade levels have space for schools of choice applicants for 2012-13. A common Schools of Choice Application form is used in all school districts. It can be obtained at each school district's board of education office or at GISD beginning today.

Information regarding the Schools of Choice Program is also available on the GISD website:

Click on the link below to see the PDF from the GISD and see what schools have spaces available!