Flint Schools Interim Superintendent Larry Watkins submitted a check for $893,000 to the Genesee Intermediate School District on Monday night for some of the money owed to the district for services provided to Flint Schools.

According to ABC 12, a portion of the money went to GenNet. GenNet provides direct connectivity which impacts phone, Internet and other services. GISD spokesman Jerry Johnson said the money received during the special meeting covers what's owed to them for the 2013-14 academic school year, but there is still three to four years prior to that that haven't been paid for.

During the meeting, GISD board members found Flint Schools non-compliant. However, Johnson says there will be a small group to work with the district. There will be a meeting next month and during that meeting Flint School District leaders will be able to provide more information about a payment plan.

Watkins said the district intends to pay back its debt. Earlier this month, the GISD filed a lawsuit against Flint Schools for what they say was misappropriated tax money. Flint Schools also revised their budget deficit to almost double what it was before, $10 million to $20 million. They have until the end of the month to submit a revised budget deficit elimination plan to the state.