If travel south on I-75 as part of your morning commute, things could get a lot slower for you later this week.

MDOT is starting the second part of their I-75 modernization project on Thursday, and it will effect most of Oakland County. The project is a big deal for most Michigan commuters, and MDOT has started a dedicated twitter account to cover the progress.

The main movement will be between Adams Rd and 13 Mile. The plan is to shift all traffic onto the Southbound side of the freeway starting on Thursday. According to MDOT there will be some ramp closures during the project.

By Friday morning, around-the-clock lane closures will be in place with southbound traffic using the right shoulder as a travel lane. Due to this new configuration, the entrance ramps from Big Beaver and Rochester roads to southbound I-75, along with the exit to eastbound 14 Mile Road, will be closed for safety purposes.

Below is a map showing just how much of 75 will be impacted during the second phase of the 75 modernization project.

This $224 million project will involve reconstructing more than 8 miles of pavement, improving 18 structures, upgrading drainage, constructing community-developed aesthetics and federally approved noise walls, and continuing construction of the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes between Coolidge Highway and 13 Mile Road.

In the end this will make traveling on 75 much better, but things will definitely get worse before they get better.

If you are one of the thousands of drivers that travel south on 75 every morning, you know that delays are pretty typical. Now you should start planning on even longer delays through spring and summer.

You can keep up with the project by following updates on the Modernize 75 Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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