OMG! This. Is. The cutest.

A boy in Haslett, which is near Lansing, took advantage of technology and used the family's Ring doorbell to ask his dad a very important question:  How do you turn on the kids channel?

Back in November, the boy contacted his father after he was given permission to go in the house and watch TV. The boy's mother was just across the street visiting a neighbor.

"I wanted to go home and she (his mother) said I could come here and turn on the kid's channel."

The boy's father, who we assume was at work, had the hilarious exchange with the boy while coworkers laughed in the background.

We love this SO much more than doorbell videos that capture bad people doing bad things!

Good thinking, Gracie, using the doorbell to contact Dad! We're pretty sure this kid will grow up to be extremely tech savvy.


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