It still amazes me how many people still text while driving. I'm constantly watching people drive by me on the expressway with their phones buried in their faces. Well, if State Rep. Jason Sheppard has his way, we may see a little less texting behind the wheel.

According to WXYZ, Sheppard's plan increases the penalty for texting while driving in Michigan from $100 for the first violation to $250, and from $200 for a second violation up to $500.

“When we get behind the wheel, we are responsible for our actions,” Sheppard said. “It’s my belief if drivers face higher fines for texting and driving, they may think twice before texting so they keep their focus where it should be – on the road.”

For some people, I believe this is enough to keep them from texting while driving but for others, I fear it will take something tragic to happen before they truly understand the importance of this.

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