The miracle of childbirth is something to behold. It's just not something you usually behold in a car.

This (somewhat graphic) video has mesmerized the internet, with nearly eight million views. It features a woman giving birth in the passenger seat while her husband drives them to the hospital in Pasadena, Tex.

The baby decided he couldn't wait until they arrived and came out while mom and dad were on the road.

The boy has been named Josiah and is the third child for parents Jon and Lesia Pettijohn, who are all the stars of what is probably the most viewed birth in history, thanks to the fact Jon recorded the whole incident on his GoPro.

Lesia told Today, "It was difficult for me to stay calm. It definitely helped that [Jon] was calm. I was pretty much freaking out. I was not wanting to have him [in the car]."

The couple did not record the births of their first two kids, so they wanted to capture this one. Did they ever.

It's actually been a polarizing decision. As Jon said, "You've got people praising us, people trash talking and all sorts of things. We're just happy we've got a son. We really don't care what people on the Internet say."

What do you think? Was the video made in bad taste? Was it wrong to share it with the world? Or do you think it's amazing?

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