If you’re a newlywed or a new parent who’s suddenly found yourself feeling less satisfied with your professional life, take heart — you aren’t alone.

In fact, a new study shows that people are less satisfied at work for up to five years after those types of major life events.

The Kingston University Business School in the UK, which examined annual job satisfaction levels of nearly 10,000 UK residents between 1991 and 2008, found the effect was especially pronounced for women.

“Before the happy life event, people may experience increased job satisfaction because of the ‘spillover’ effect, where happiness at home influences happiness at work,” said professor Yannis Georgellis.

“But afterwards, people’s focus inevitably shifts more towards home life as priorities change and the work-life conflict kicks in. This is particularly true for people when they start a family.”

The researchers said that while higher incomes and a move to a new job were both associated with increased workplace satisfaction, women in particular were more likely to cite non-monetary perks like extended maternity leaves.

And the biggest killer of bliss at work? No surprise here: those who have to log long hours at the office reported being the least happy overall.

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