It was just another day at the Davison Dog Park...until this happened.

One of our favorite weekend pastimes is enjoying the gorgeous Michigan weather with our miniature schnauzer, Pepper. She has her own Instagram if you're interested in her adventures.


Anyhoo, shameless plugs aside...

via Pat and AJ

...we decided to take advantage of this gorgeous, fall-like day (without the oppressive Michigan summer heat we'd had just a couple of days ago) to visit the Davison Dog Park, which is right across the street from Lake Callis. It's free and it's always a lot of fun. Doggies make friends with each other...

via Pat and AJ

...and after an hour or so, they're completely pooped and ready to go home for an afternoon nap.

via Pat and AJ

It's usually just a handful of dogs chasing each other, smelling butts, chasing tennis balls, and lapping up the water in the kiddie pools.

via Pat and AJ

Today, however, we experienced a first - a dog, on a skateboard, with a wicked accurate impression of a train to boot.  

Just kidding; the train tracks run right along the walking path on the side of the park and a big choo choo came by. You can't deny that the timing was impeccable, no? This was, however, the first time we've ever seen a dog skateboard at the dog park, live, in person.

It's the little things, amirite?

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