A Michigan man has lost one of his arms after a bomb detonated in his garage on Saturday.

What Are the Details?

Police say the man was handling a live bomb while working in his garage on Saturday afternoon (6/11) when the bomb unexpectedly detonated. The blast occurred shortly after 3 pm, causing his home to catch on fire.

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The home is located on Gentner Street near 8 Mile Road and Gratiot Avenue in the city of Warren, however, the man's identity has not yet been revealed. The homeowner is a 38-year-old male. It was erroneously reported earlier today (6/13) that the man had lost both of his hands in the blast. That report has not yet been verified.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and is being treated for severe injuries, including severe burns on more than half of his body.

Mlive reports that the man has a long criminal history and had been under investigation prior to the explosion and a search warrant has since been issued.

Multiple Bombs Discovered in the Man's Home

Police have conducted an investigation in the days since the explosion and have discovered several other bombs in the man's home. They also found numerous different guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. The investigation is ongoing, according to Mlive.

Garage Destroyed, House Damaged

In the video below from Detroit's WDIV-TV, you'll see that the house sustained extensive damage. Multiple neighbors say they heard multiple explosions.

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