People in Michigan are paying money to walk through the woods with goats.

At first I thought, who in the heck would spend money to walk around the woods with a bunch of goats. But after I read all the positive reviews, I totally understood why. People absolutely love the experience.

Williamsburg, Michigan is where you'll find Airbnb experience host Nicole. Nicole is a folk artist, nature lover and mother. Not to mention, your goat guide.

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This is an Airbnb experience that allows you to walk along with goats on some trails in Northern Michigan. You'll observe and interact with the goats as they walk along while eating and browsing the greenery available.

After your hike through the woods, Nicole says, your adventure isn't over:

Upon our return, we will celebrate and en~joy local and seasonal refreshments which highlight the goats contribution to humans through their delicious milk. We serve you goat milk yogurt, local fruit and honey and locally made sourdough bread with goat cheese. We sip on either hot or iced organic teas, depending on the temps outside. During this time we discuss the food and also share stories of life, guests and hosts alike.

It truly sounds like a one-of-a-kind outing and experience in Northern Michigan.

Here's just a few of the positive goat walk reviews:


Never thought I’d ever experience a goat walk but it was fantastic. Very peaceful and the host were very knowledgeable and accommodating. Highly recommend for people looking to escape the city live and be in nature or just looking to try something different.


I couldn’t recommend this experience more! After a stressful week in the city, this was the perfect way to unwind. Nicole is a warm host with an inspiring life! I honestly can’t wait to go back.


My mom and I came across this experience on airbnb while we were in Traverse City for a girls getaway and thought we would try it out. We really didn't know what to expect, but I can tell you that Nicole did not disappoint. Her property is beautiful and we loved learning about the animals and getting to interact with them in their environment. The goats were all very friendly and so enjoyable to watch and we are going to be bringing our family back to enjoy this experience. Don't think about it, you need to go, you will not be disappointed. She also makes some amazingly delicious yogurt, cheeses and teas which she allows you to try!


How Much Does the Goat Walk Cost?

The goat walk is $40 per person for a two hour adventure through Michigan's lush forests.

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