Virtual Reality is around us everyday. Video games, online communities, and much more. The military is using virtual mannequins to save lives says

New battery-operated, remote-controlled mannequins can simulate bleeding and breathing, and they have blinking eyes that dilate. Medics can test their skills on these life-like mannequins.

The new units, which are packed with technology, are used at 23 U.S. Army Medical Simulation Training Centers as part of a program to teach lifesaving techniques to medics and nonmedical personnel.

The units have saved over 100 lives in combat. goes on by saying:

The centers -- originally designed to train medics and first responders before deployment to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan -- became so good at saving lives on the battlefield that training was added to include everyday soldiers.

The latest mannequins are anatomically correct and have life-like skin, allowing soldiers to practice lifesaving techniques to stop bleeding and start intravenous medications.

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