Starting next week, visitors to the Genesee County Jail will no longer be able to visit inmates face to face, and will instead speak to them on a computer screen. According to ABC 12, Genesee County Sheriff says he's been trying to implement this form of visitation for quite some time. He believes it will help reduce fighting and assaults during visitations. Another reason for the change is the smuggling of contraband inside the jail. Initially there won't be a charge. The jail will have 20 terminals set up where they can do 20 visitations every 20 minutes. After two visits to an inmate, the jail will begin to charge however. The cost will be $5 for 20 minutes and $10 for 40 minutes. Visitors won't even have to come to the jail. Visits to inmates can be done from a computer and a Skype connection. Notice of 24 hours must be given and visitations will only be available Monday through Friday.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

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