A Michigan man is a little embarrassed after his vehicle slid into the Rouge River in Allen Park earlier this week.

The man apparently parked his vehicle a little too close to the Rouge River and got out to urinate. While relieving himself, his vehicle slid right into the river. There was nothing he could do to stop his vehicle from becoming submerged.

Yeah, I'd say that would be a little embarrassing.

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Allen Park Police Department:

This evening, us, APFD, DFD are on the banks of the Rouge River.
There was a fella that decided to drive his vehicle along the banks. He had a moment where he exited the vehicle as mother nature was calling.
While doing so he observed that his vehicle was sliding into the river.!! He failed to stop the slide and become wet.
He is 100% fine. His car is currently a bit wet or better said.....submerged.
Dearborn fire rescue along with APFD are working to get the vehicle out.
Don't drive on the banks if the Rouge River.
After hearing of incident, the City of Allen Park posted on social media saying there is absolutely no reason that the residents of Allen Park and Dearborn should have to pay for his actions. I have a feeling the residents would agree.
It's not clear at the moment if the man was under the influence at the time.
I can't imagine having to make that phone call to police.

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