As we approach Fat Tuesday, or Paczki Day as it's referred to in much of the Midwest and Northeast, let's keep one thing in mind:  The word 'Paczki' is already plural. You can't add an 'S' in order to form a word that refers to multiple pastries.

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What's that again?

The word Paczki refers to multiple delicious, jelly-filled gut bombs. It's pronounced poonch-key. Paczki are delicious.

Now hold onto your love handles. The singular form of the word is Paczek. That's pronounced poon-chek. I only ate one Paczek, but now I need to lie down. (And the correct usage of 'lie' scores a few extra 'snob' points with the Grammar Police, but that's a topic to be addressed at a later time.)

So as Paczki Day approaches on March 1st, here are a few examples of phrases you can say in everyday conversations:

WRONG:  How many calories are in a Paczki? (You don't want to know.)

WRONG:  Should I pick up some Paczkis on my way to work?

WRONG:  What exactly goes into a Paczki? (Again, you don't really want to know.)

RIGHT:  Paczki are delicious. I could eat a dozen Paczki.

RIGHT:  I swear, this is the year I'm only going to eat one Paczek.

RIGHT:  Aren't Paczki the same as jelly donuts?

Now to answer that last question, Paczki are made from a very rich, sweet yeast dough consisting of eggs, butter, and milk. According to the Detroit Eater, families traditionally used up all the butter and sweets before the arrival of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

Also of interest:  Alexa won't say 'Fat Tuesday.' If you ask your smart speaker about it, she will substitute 'Mardi Gras,' presumably in an attempt to not offend anyone. Oh, puh-leez.

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