Here is another record Michigan holds that you didn't know about.

Obviously, winter sports are a huge thing in Michigan. When it comes to skiing, Michigan is home to the world's highest artificially created ski jump. The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is located in Iron Mountain, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.

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How big is the Pine Mountain Ski Jump?

Also known as Giant Pine Mountain, this artificial ski jump stands at an impressive 176 feet tall. Skiers arrive at a takeoff speed between 55 and 65 miles per hour when they zip down this beast.

What else is Pine Mountain Ski Jump known for?

Aside from its size, Pine Mountain Ski Jump is also home to the FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup. This competition is considered to be the second level of international ski jumping. The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is also the most challenging jump on the Continental Cup circuit according to ski jumpers. The jump being almost 600 feet above all the other landscaping and the wind factor are a couple of the main reasons for this.

Who holds the record for the current record for the longest ski jump on Pine Mountain Ski Jump?

As of writing this article, Marius Lindvic of Norway holds the record with a jump distance of 472 feet on February 15th, 2018.

Check out some of the footage of the 2022 FIS Continental Cup training rounds courtesy of Jason Asselin below.

Granted, I am not an athlete of this level, but I would love to try this! Maybe not on a jump this size though.

Source: Wikipedia

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