Whether you're stuck trying to figure out an original way to be romantic or lamenting the fact you don't have a sweetheart, Valentine's Day definitely isn't all chocolate and good feelings.

But no matter your February 14th gripe, you are still probably having a better Valentine's Day than a Manchester, England man named Dan.

Apparently his now ex-girlfriend paid to post the above message in a digital display at the Esso station where Dan gets his lunch every day. (As if it wasn't depressing enough that Dan regularly buys his meals at a gas station.)

The parting shot became a viral hit after Jordan Wilson spotted the sign and posted it to his Twitter account. “This has to be the meanest dump ever," read his caption.

It is still unknown if Dan even saw the message. Or how many other Dans who happened to be involved with a Laura were fooled, stomping in disgust on the bouquet of Valentine's roses they had just bought.

We also don't know why Laura didn't just text or email poor Dan the bad news, if she wanted to break it off without having to confront him. Love can be so cruel.

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