valentine's day

Friday On The Tom Sumner Program
Valentine's Day guests include Kendra Hatchett ("Mom's Got Game"), independent filmmaker John Benjamin (Anarchy Productions) and a special performance by Heather Jones and "Jones'n" for FRIDAY LIVE AT FIVE on The Tom Sumner Program Friday February 14 beginning at 3 p...
Woman Buys Ad Space to Dump Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
Whether you're stuck trying to figure out an original way to be romantic or lamenting the fact you don't have a sweetheart, Valentine's Day definitely isn't all chocolate and good feelings. But no matter your February 14th gripe, you are still probably having a better Valentine's Day than a Manchester, England man named Dan.
Thursday On The Tom Sumner Program
Valentine's Day (for the romantically challenged) featuring strange ways to attract the opposite sex from author, animator and film producer Trace Burroughs (pictured) on The Tom Sumner Program Thursday February 14 beginning at 3 p.m. Plus this week's Alexander J's head-liner comedian Dean Mink...
Lonely? Here’s How to Really Wallow in Valentine’s Day Misery
Being sad, alone and pathetic is sort of a specialty of mine. To give you an idea, I've definitely been humiliated by an airbrush artist at an amusement park, which I was visiting without any friends. So when it comes to Valentine's Day, I've basically mastered the art of being totally miserable. Feel free to join me, but it's going to be a pretty rough night. Let's get started, shall we? Read Mor
Wednesday On The Tom Sumner Program
Hear Tom and Flint's premiere political pundit Paul Rozycki talk about the Hagel "honeymoon", the President's State of the Union Address and responses - and other White House romances on The Tom Sumner Program Wednesday February 13 beginning at 3 p...

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