There was a simpler time when we were kids when the only things we had to worry about getting our moms or fellow classmates for Valentine's Day were paper valentine cards and candy, that was it. Now there's a commercialized sense of needing to spend tons of money on a bunch of crap nobody needs to fill the void of love we feel for the world we live in. Whoa, where did I go there? I'm not sure myself but back to the point...Valentine's Day!

I think this year instead of spending a ton of money on frivolities you should just keep with the romance and print out these Michigan-themed valentines I made below, design a cute box for your loved one and drop them in to surprise them with Valentine's Day morning. Now, if you want to go and buy a bunch of stuff for them that's your call. If that's the case, consider buying from a local vendor or locally owned shop.

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Back-Up Plans

There are actually some affordable gifts you can grab or make to go along with these Valentine's Day cards like a Bear made out of roses, a giant candy valentine's card, or you can just stick with the classic and get some flowers from some great local boutiques. Either way, it should just be about the love you have for another person and showing them how much you appreciate them. But enough gab, check the valentine's cards below and give them something unique.

Michigan Themed Valentine Cards To Give Your Loved One

Let's go back to the days when we were kids and do something romantic for the ones we love, while also staying local.