Fresh off the Mountain Dew UP label win, where @UpperPeninsula got Mountain Dew to create a special DEW NATION label just for the U.P. after they gave it to Wisconsin, the Twitter account is now trying to start another debate.

@UpperPeninsula tweeted out at around 9 am Thursday,

I am Michigan's adventure. If you're in Muskegon you've been lied to.

Of course, they're referring to the amusement park with the same name "Michigan's Adventure".

Clever, because you're going to get attention, but I highly doubt Michigan's Adventure is going to bend as Mountain Dew did.  Also, I feel like this beef is better taken up with #PureMichigan and Tim Allen.

I will agree though, getting eaten by a bear while a local yells, "Ope, sooooorryyyy!"  and a group of fudge-eating tourist ask where the "painted rocks" are, is a true "Michigan's adventure".

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