It was a full day of fun for thousands of kids suffering from life-threatening illnesses as they and their families were treated to a free day at Michigan's Adventure on Monday.

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Michigan Charity Picks Up the Tab

The theme park opened its doors to families whose children are terminally ill, treating more than 2,000 people to the second annual Rides and Slides Adventure. According to Grand Rapids TV station WZZM-TV, the cost of the event was covered by the Michigan chapter of 'A Kid Again,' a Michigan charity that provides destination adventures for Michigan families of children with life-threatening conditions and diseases.

Amy Vining is the executive director of A Kid Again. She says free days like this actually serve two purposes.

"Providing a free event for them to be able to come does a couple of things,: Vining says. "It allows them to be a family, where they don't have to worry about the finances that are tied to the event and it also allows them to meet other parents and family members who are struggling with the same thing."

The Michigan chapter of A Kid Again was started about a year ago and already serves about 1,000 families in our state.

Michigan's Adventure Happy to Host the Event

Lauren Bollenbach is a spokesperson for Michigan's Adventure. She tells the TV station that it's heartwarming for her staff to host the families.

"A lot of these children do have challenges on a daily basis, along with their entire families, so to see them come and do something they normally wouldn't be able to do, is really great," Bollenbach says.


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