Living in Michigan is unlike any other state. I mean seriously, our state is shaped like a mitten! That's not the only thing that makes Michigan one of a kind though...

Michigan is a state that can't be explained, its something that really needs to be seen to believe. Our beautiful seasons, the amazing lakes, and tourist destinations to die for are just a few things Michigan is known for but then there's some things thought that only Michiganders understand...

10. Vernors fixes EVERY sickness. Forget a doctor, grab a 2 liter of Vernors and chug chug chug!

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9 No matter how terrible the Lions are, we will always support them! I mean seriously it can't get much worse than a 0-16 season.

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8. Families have been known to fight not only verbally but physically when it comes to which team is better between Michigan and Michigan State! Oh and by the way...GO BLUE!

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7. Want to know where I live in Michigan? Let me show you on my hand!

6. The Northern Michigan Dogman is REAL! Best advice I can give? Don't go out at night.

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5. The Upper Peninsula is beautiful, but lets keep that our little secret. I mean its not a hidden gem if everyone knows about it!

Julian H. Gonzales, Detroit Free Press

4. The Detroit Red Wings will always be the greatest hockey team of all time and it doesn't matter what anyone says. 24 years in the row making the playoffs? Let me know when your state's hockey team gets even close to that record.


3. Better Made Potato Chips are the perfect chips and not just because they're made here in Michigan, but because they have enough salt for your body to go into a coma 10 minutes after eating the whole bag.

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2. There's nothing like a Northern Michigan night sky to realize how amazing living in the mitten truly is.

1. Michigan lefts are the devil. They are truly a nightmare.