This phone scam uses your family members to try and get thousands of dollars.

Police in Sanilac County are warning Michigan residents of a new phone scam reported in their area. According to the report that was filed, a Sanilac County resident received a phone call thought to be from a family member. When they answered the phone they were told the family member they thought was calling was in an accident, and because of legal proceedings they would have to speak with an agent. Already sounds a little fishy, right?

The "agent" then got on the phone and said they would need thousands of dollars to post bond because of legal issues. This is where it gets super fishy. The "agent" said payment could be made in gift cards or prepaid credit cards. They also said they would call back to get the card numbers. They went as far as to warn the resident of the amounts they should purchase on the cards as to not alert the store that something was wrong. They even went as far as to promise the money would be reimbursed through insurance once the case was over.

I can imagine if I received a call telling me someone I love was in an accident and needed my help I would want to do anything necessary to help them. I can't imagine that anyone would need to post bond in the form of gift cards. Ever.

Police advising that if you receive a call like this you should not give out any information and report the call to your local authorities as soon as you hang up.


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