The announcement that three more Flint schools would be closing at the end of the year is hitting the community hard.

The $21 Million dollar debt is obviously the determining factor in the closures, which are expected to save nearly $8 Million over the next 7 years.

The board voted to close Carpenter Road, Cummings, and Scott Elementary schools and reconfigure Brownell/Holmes, Durant-Tuuri-Mott, and Potter Schools will transform into K-8 schools.

The move hits a community that is still feeling the effects of the last round of school closings, but the news is only getting worse.  When asked if this would be the end of the closings for now, one Flint Schools administrator told the board,

The most we can close now is three, but we're going to get to a point a year or two years from now where we're going to have to look at the additional building, or additional two buildings,"

That's a scary statement!

It's hard to even think about more buildings being closed.  We've asked this question many times, but do you think the Flint Schools will ever be able to rebound from this huge debt?